halloween hairstyles 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Hairstyles: 20 Creative and Spooky Looks for 2023

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Adults and Kids

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year here in colorful Miami. As a professional hair braider with Dominican roots, I live for the excitement of All Hallow’s Eve and the chance to get creative with hair. This comprehensive guide will provide you with 25 of my favorite hairstyles to embrace your inner ghoul, glamazon, or fairy this Halloween.

Drawing from my cultural heritage and years of experience, I’ll share tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions to help you nail every look. From adorable space buns for kids to gothic vampire tresses for adults, there’s something for everyone. Let’s unleash your Halloween spirit with the power of hairstyling!

1. Halloween Space Buns with a Twist

Space buns are a cute go-to for kids, but we can make them even more fun for Halloween. Instead of plain old buns, I love to shape them into aliens, animals, or even food!

Growing up, all the girls in my neighborhood would come over to get their hair braided up in creative buns. Here’s how you can shape standard buns into something magical:

  • Start with slicked back hair and separate into two even sections.
  • Split one section into three strands and braid normally.
  • Once the braid is complete, twist it into the shape you want – like mouse ears or a flower.
  • Repeat on the other side. Get creative with your shapes!
  • Secure each bun with bobby pins and hair elastics.
  • For extra support, use some gel or hairspray to slick down any flyaways.

Pro tip from a Miami braiding pro: For a stronger hold, crisscross tiny elastics throughout the length of your braids before twisting into shape. The textures add detail!

2. Channeling Rock ‘n’ Roll Vibes

As a fan of the 80s strongly influenced by rock culture, I love bringing fierce punk hairstyles to life! They’re edgy, rebellious, and so much fun.

Begin by teasing your hair at the crown for lots of volume and texture. For shorter styles, tease throughout the head to get that perfectly imperfect look.

Next, grab some colored hair clips and start sectioning hair into chunky strips. The messier, the better! Use the clips to section off triangles, squares, or any funky shapes.

Now it’s time for hairspray! Go crazy spraying each section to lock in the teased style. The higher the hair, the more rock ‘n’ roll it becomes. Top it off with dark eyeliner and leather for pure attitude.

You can get creative clipping in fun colored extensions too. As a Miami girl, I love to incorporate pinks and purples for an electric vibe. Let your inner rockstar run wild!

3. Barbie Doll Glamour for Halloween

What little girl didn’t grow up admiring Barbie’s iconic sky-high blonde hair and bubbly style? I just adore recreating her signature look for Halloween.

Begin by curling hair in super tight, spiral curls with a skinny barrel iron. For Barbie’s volume, be sure to tease the crown and roots as you curl.

Once cool, gently brush curls into an exaggerated bombshell shape. Smooth flyaways and seal in hold with hairspray.

Now comes my favorite part – accessorizing! Scrunch in some bright pink hair clips or ribbons. I also love to embellish with a sparkly headband. Top it off with bold lashes and a flashy pink outfit.

Voila! You’ll be a walking Barbie doll, ready to strut your stuff on Halloween. This is such a fun, festive look for kids and adults alike. Straight from Miami, this glam style is sure to steal the show!

4. Elegant Vampire Tresses

Vampires are a scary Halloween staple, but they can also channel dark elegance and allure. As a hair braider, I adore creating old Hollywood waves with a gothic twist.

Begin by parting hair off to one side. Next, use a large barrel curling iron to create loose, tumbling waves. Leave ends slightly uncurled for a tousled effect.

Brush waves gently and sweep them over one shoulder. Elongate your neck by keeping one side exposed for a dramatic vampire look.

For inky, raven-colored hair, try a temporary color spray. Blend it from mid-shaft down to the ends and style into loose finger waves or curls.

Don’t forget to sharpen your widow’s peak! Use a thick, blunt eyebrow pencil to excentuate it. Finish with dark wine lips and you’ll be ready to steal hearts!

5. Unleash Your Inner Hippie

Groovy vibes, let your free spirit shine through with bohemian hippie hair!

Start by spritzing sea salt spray throughout dry hair for beachy texture and volume. Next, part your hair down the middle.

On each side, take front sections and braid down towards your ear. Secure with clear elastics.

For the back, create one large French braid trailing down the center. Keep it loose – remember, the messier the better!

Once complete, gently pull on the braids to loosen. For extra volume, tease the roots and crown.

Embellish your boho style by threading suede cords through the braids. You can also tuck in fresh flowers for an earthy touch.

Finish with winged liner and add a dash of body glitter for the full hippie effect. Groovy, baby!

6. Transform into a Mesmerizing Unicorn

What’s more magical than a unicorn? This is one of my all-time favorite Halloween looks to create.

Begin by sectioning clean, dry hair into multiple horizontal layers. Use foil to separate each layer.

Now comes the fun part – the colors! Start with the bottom layer and apply a vivid purple semi-permanent dye.

For each remaining section, go wild with different bright shades. I chose blue, pink and yellow for a rainbow effect.

Leave the dyes in for at least 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Style hair into loose, touchable waves or curls.

Add some unicorn hair clips and an iridescent floral crown to finish this dazzling look. You’ll mesmerize everyone with your new mystical persona!

7. Pirate Queen’s Tresses

Ahoy mateys! Channel your inner Jack Sparrow and embrace the pirate life. Begin with dirty, textured hair – sea salt sprays work wonders.

Create a deep side part and start twisting hair into chunky dreadlocks going back. Secure ends with clear elastics.

On the fuller side, back brush hair at the crown for major volume. Next, loosely braid this section and pin across the top of your head.

Leave shorter face framing pieces loose and tousle ends with your fingers. Mist everything with hairspray for a windswept style.

Finish by tying a printed headscarf or red bandana around your head. Apply smudgy liner and get ready to command the seas!

Savvy tip from a pirate queen: Layer gold chains, jewels and feathers for extra flair. Your look will be fit for royalty, arghh!

8. Dive Deep with Mermaid Hair

Mermaids are my favorite mythical creatures, so I had to include a hairstyle fit for an undersea princess.

Start by curling mid-lengths down with a wand, alternating directions as you go. This creates body and dimension.

Tease the crown and sides for loads of volume. Mist hair with sea salt spray and scrunch gently.

Weave colorful hair tinsel throughout for a glittery, underwater effect. Accent with dangling shell charms along partings.

Now it’s time for my favorite part – the tulle! Cut strips of purple tulle and tie them throughout for the illusion of floating tendrils.

Finish this oceanic style with pearls along your hairline. Embrace your inner Ariel! You’ll be beach ready in this breezy, aquatic look.

9. The Terrifying Transformation into Medusa

If you’re looking to terrify, embody the infamous gorgon Medusa this Halloween!

Work in mousse from roots to ends on damp hair and blow dry upside down. This creates wild volume.

Brush hair up and away from the crown to achieve height. Mist with hairspray and texture spray for hold.

Wrap two sections around a curling wand for tight, slinky ringlets as your “snake” texture.

Next, mold wire mesh pieces throughout for blunt cut snake shapes. Bobby pin everything in place.

Use clip-in hair extensions to make “snakes” thicker and longer. Apply black and green temporary color as needed.

Finally, attach small plastic snakes throughout for a thrilling, writhing effect. Finish with thick winged liner and a sultry red lip.

You’re sure to petrify in this frightening, medusa-inspired style!

10. Dazzle with Galaxy Roots

The galaxy trend has become hugely popular, and I adore intergalactic styles that are out of this world.

Begin by sectioning the top of your head from ears up. Use foil to separate the galaxy section.

Tip the head back and apply a midnight blue semi-permanent dye to saturate roots. Rinse thoroughly after 30 minutes.

Once hair is towel dried, mist black hair spray to darken things further. Then comes the magic – colored hair sprays!

Spritz bursts of purples, blues, greens and hot pinks until you’ve created a starry rainbow galaxy. Blend lightly with fingers.

Let the colors dry fully before fluffing roots with fingers. You’ll be looking stellar for any cosmic Halloween bash!

11. Embrace Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter represents female strength and empowerment. Her iconic 1940’s look is easy to recreate.

Start by parting hair deeply off to one side. Brush smoothly and gather into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Wrap the ponytail into a tidy knot and secure with bobby pins in an updo. Flat iron any remaining loose pieces.

Create victory rolls on the fuller side with a curling iron. Mist heavily with hairspray to lock them in place.

Tie a red bandana over your head, allowing ends to peek out. Draw on or attach bold brows and red lips to complete Rosie’s look.

With this style, you’ll feel ready to take on any challenge! We can do it!

12. Spooky and Fun: Ghost and Spider Hairstyles

These playful looks are perfect for younger kids. Start with two neat braided buns as your base.

For a cute ghost, simply use white hair spray to coat buns fully. Finish with bold black liner around the eyes to create a friendly ghost face.

For an itsy bitsy spider, tease a small section of hair at the top of the head. Mist with black spray to create the spider body.

Next, smooth sections downward around the face for skinny spider legs. Use elastics to secure leg ends.

Decorate buns with craft store accessories like googly eyes or sparkly spider web designs. Voila – magical creations perfect for trick or treating!

13. Harley Quinn’s Pigtails and Attitude

Harley Quinn oozes chaos and attitude. Channel her infamous style with these tips:

Begin by parting hair into two high pigtails. Smooth each section with gel for slick, defined strands.

Tie off pigtails with red and black ribbons. For authentic color, dip ends of pigtails into temporary color mixtures.

Use white and blue cream shades on one tail, and red and black shades on the other. Let set 30 minutes before rinsing.

Once dried, tease pigtails aggressively for volume. Crisscross black and red extensions throughout for length.

Finish the look with Harley’s signature face paint. Thick winged liner, red lips, and cheek accents complete her anarchic aesthetic!

14. Wednesday Addams’ Gothic Chic

Wednesday Addams, the ultimate creepy cutie! Her signature braids are easy to recreate.

Start by parting clean hair down the middle from front to back. Split each section into three even strands.

Begin French braiding each section tight to the head on both sides. Secure ends with black elastics.

Leave face framing pieces loose in front and cut straight across for blunt bangs.

Set braids with hairspray and moisturize ends. Part braids slightly off-center for an asymmetrical finish.

Apply pale powder foundation and dark lips for Wednesday’s gothic charm. Minimal makeup keeps things creepily cute!

15. Conquer Halloween as a Badass Viking

Us Miami girls love a warm weather look, but even I can’t resist going full Viking for Halloween!

Work mousse into damp hair and blow out straight. Create a side part and divide hair into two even sections.

Starting at your crown, tightly French braid each section straight back to the nape of the neck.

Intertwine fun additions like leather cords as you braid for texture. Mist braids with maximum hold hairspray.

Next, clip in long braided extensions down your back for length. Adorn braids with metal charms and cuffs for viking authenticity.

Finish this fierce style with a bold cat eye and matte lip. Valhalla awaits – it’s time to conquer!

16. Electrify as the Bride of Frankenstein

Few looks are as iconic as the electrified Bride of Frankenstein. Let’s break it down:

Start by backcombing hair at the crown aggressively with a teasing comb. Mist with hairspray as you go to build height.

Smooth and lightly tease the sides, sweeping everything up and away from your face.

Streak hair with white temporary color, concentrating on the higher sections peaking through.

Finish by embellishing with gothic hair pins and a glam headband or fascinator.

Complete your electrifying look with winged liner and bold lashes. Get ready to rock this legendary Halloween style!

17. Eerie Eyeball Tree Hairstyle

If you like creepy styles, this eyeball tree is sure to deliver thrills.

Start with hair in two Dutch braids back to the nape of the neck. Smooth any flyaways.

Next, bobby pin large plastic eyeballs sporadically throughout the braids until fully decorated.

For added dimension, attach varying sizes of eyeballs. Place some higher on the braids to look like fruit in a tree.

Finish by misting braids with firm hold hairspray to lock eyeballs in place.

Complete the creepy look with bold eyeliner and shadow. You’ll turn heads with this spooky Halloween hair!

18. Embrace the ’80s Diva Vibe

As a child of the ’80s, I can’t resist reliving the decade’s voluminous hairstyles!

Start by sectioning dry hair horizontally and clipping up top layers. Mist bottom section with heat protectant.

Using a crimping iron, clamp each strand vertically as you work back. This creates height.

Once bottom section is complete, release layers and crimp until every strand is texturized.

Tease the crown and sides with a comb for added volume. Lock in with finishing spray.

For authenticity, accent with thin headbands and bright hair clips. Pair your ’80s hair with bold makeup and sequins!

19. Craft a Devilish Hairstyle

Unleash your dark side this Halloween and create a devilish look.

Start by priming hair with heat protectant. Using a large barrel curling wand, wrap locks into tight spirals.

Once cool, run fingers through the curls to break them up. Tease hair at the crown for volume.

Take two small front sections and tightly twist into “devil horns.” Mist with firm hold hairspray.

Weave red hair extensions throughout for a fiery finish. Apply dramatic winged liner and red lips to accentuate your inner devil.

Finish with glittery red devil horns or a sultry pitchfork. You’ll be hot as hell in this hairstyle!

20. Radiate Magic with Fairy Braids

Channel your inner Tinkerbell with these enchanted fairy braids!

Start by parting clean hair into sections and spritzing with sea salt spray for texture.

On each side, tightly Dutch braid hair back from the temples. Secure ends with clear elastic.

Intertwine ribbons, petite flowers or leaves into the braids as you work. This adds a whimsical feel.

Gently pull at the braids to loosen and create width. Soft, undone texture is key.

Finish by tucking fresh baby’s breath flowers behind ears and throughout hair. The fairy magic is in the details!

Top your locks with a delicate floral crown and swipe on lip gloss for a radiant, romantic fairy vibe.

Bringing your Halloween vision to life through hairstyling is so rewarding. I hope these looks, tips, and tricks inspire you to get creative this spooky season!

With so many iconic costumes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You can recreate characters, beasts, and all things supernatural. Or simply let your imagination run wild!

Whatever Halloween persona you choose, your hair has power. It’s an opportunity to transform yourself and unleash your inner spirit.

So grab your curling irons, hairsprays, ribbons and dyes – it’s time to tame those tresses. Turn heads, cast spells, and make memories this Halloween. Just remember to have fun! If you want truly elaborate, professional-level Halloween hairstyles, visit me! Your local hair braiding salon for assistance.

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